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Last Man Standing

We are running a last man standing knockout to help raise further funds for the club. All welcome to get involved. Please see usual rules below:

  • £10 entry
  • 70% (£7.00) goes to winners pot / 30% (£3) to GRFC
  • Each week you must pick a team you think will win that weekend in the Premier League
  • If your chosen team wins, you go through to the next week, if your team draws or loses, YOU ARE OUT
  • You MUST have given the name of your team/anyone’s team you are giving on behalf of that can’t get in touch I.E neighbour or work friend by 7PM ON THE FRIDAY EVENING of that weekend. If your team hasn’t been given by that time, it will not count and you will be consequently out of the competition
  • Team names to be sent in by commenting on our Facebook page
  • You CANNOT re-pick a team once used
  • You will only be able to enter if the money has been paid
  • You may enter as many times as you want, but all entries must be before Friday 16th December at 7PM
  • Once you are out, you cannot re-buy in
  • You may chose the same team on multiple entries, e.g. you pick Chelsea for both of your two entries; you just risk both of them being knocked out
  • All money must be paid to Cooper (Contact via Granges Facebook)

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